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Garnet, the Pomegranate Gemstone

Garnets have been one of the world’s most popular gemstones for many centuries. The word, garnet is thought to come from the Greek word for pomegranate because of the resemblance of garnet crystals to pomegranate seeds. Although gem quality garnets can be among¬†the most beautiful of gemstones, most are relatively affordable. There are some varieties, like tsavorite and spessartite that …

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Amethyst, the Sober Stone

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Amethyst is the name commonly used for crystalline quartz that is in the color range from pale lilac to deep purple. It is probably the most important and valuable quartz gem. The paler lilac shades are sometimes called “Rose de France”. The darker stones are sometimes called Siberian Amethyst. Although Siberia is no longer a source of amethyst, it was …